CRC Obras y Servicios was founded in 1940 in Ordes. Initially, it focused its area of ??influence in the autonomous community of Galicia, working mostly in the area of civil work, where it achieved the recognition of clients in both the public and private sector. During these early years, the Company´s equipment was diversified, giving it the means to tackle projects with guaranteed success.

frase-historia-enExpansion into other regions then followed, working with all kind of constructions. This stage was characterized by growth in both, building equipment and sites for social activities for large customers, such as performing electrical works for a company which soon became a benchmark company.

In 2006, Civis Infrastructuras, a company belonging to the group Civis Corporación acquired the biggest capital share of the Company. This year the Company establishes itself in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, where the Technical Management will be based, while the sites of Galicia and Madrid are also reinforced.

A major period of growth and expansion has been initiated since then, providing the company with an important multidisciplinary team, with a great professional background and an up-to-date management system that allows us to develop our customers’ projects with the best guarantees of Safety, Quality and respect for the Environment.